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Jan 7, 2018

Zoe Huang is a researcher and development director at the independent non-profit organization China House Kenya that works to help bridge the divide between Chinese companies and African stakeholders. Last fall, she co-authored a column for the Chinese newspaper Global Times on how Chinese companies can “Tell a Better Story in Africa" and specifically on how they can better communicate with local communities and the press on their activities across the continent. 
Uncharacteristically for a Chinese Communist Party controlled news outlet, Zoe’s column included a number of critical reflections on Chinese corporate behavior in Africa. Among her recommendations include:
1) Chinese companies need to do more to understand the needs of local communities
2) Chinese companies largely do not understand how to effectively work with African media outlets
3) Chinese companies and embassies in Africa do not spend enough time to understand the needs of what local NGOs require, when sometimes it’s not actually money but support and positive engagement with the Chinese community.
Zoe joins Eric & Cobus to discuss the various social and cultural challenges that continue to bedevil Sino-African relations and how a new generation of younger Chinese expats in Africa is bringing badly-needed change. 
Join the discussion. Do you think Chinese companies and embassies in Africa are effectively communicating their positions? How much of it just boils down to language and culture differences and how much do you think may be related to other motives like profit. Let us know.
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