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Dec 3, 2017

Anzetse Were is a Nairobi-based international development economist and newspaper columnist who is increasingly worried about a resurgence of autocratic rule in Africa. Buoyed by the United States' apparent receding interest in promoting democratic and civil society values around the world, Africa's authoritarian leaders are now seemingly taking comfort in their countries' deepening ties with China.

Beijing, for its part, makes a point of not meddling in the internal affairs of other countries which comes as welcome news for those countries that now depend more on the PRC for trade and investment.

Anzetse joins Eric & Cobus to discuss her concerns about rising authoritarian rule in Africa and why this should matter to China.

Join the discussion: do you share Anzetse concerns that democracy is in retreat in Africa? Do you think China or other foreign powers have any responsibility for the political futures of African states? Let us know what you think:


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Show Notes:

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