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Oct 28, 2017

Leo Li is a Phd candidate in African politics at China's prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing. Before he returned to Beijing to continue his academic work, Leo spent years reporting from Africa for the China Daily newspaper and later as a TV reporter for the Chinese international TV news network CGTN.

Leo represents a new generation of young Chinese scholars, journalists and activists in the China-Africa space who are now beginning to emerge on the scene and who, for the most part, have a more much more cosmopolitan perspective than their predecessors.

Leo joined Eric & Cobus to talk about how Chinese society's perceptions of Africa are rapidly changing, often drawing on offensive, outdated caricatures borrowed from the West. Frustrated by the messaging about Africa that appears on social media and in Chinese popular culture, Leo sees it as part of his mission to help educate Chinese scholars and journalists about a more nuanced view of Africa and African politics.

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