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Aug 25, 2018

Environmental issues no longer appear to be a top priority in the China-Africa dialogue. While there have been a lot of discussions about health, military and media issues in the run-up to next month's FOCAC summit, there's been little to no mention of wildlife conservation, pollution or other green-related topics that were once a key focal point.

China's 2018 decision to outlaw its domestic ivory trade eliminated what once was a highly-charged issue that long defined China-Africa environmental relations. While poaching remains a critical problem in many parts of Africa, it's no longer a potent diplomatic issue with the Chinese.

Greenpeace East Asia's Head of Sustainable Finance, Calvin Quek, has been following this trend very closely and joins Eric & Cobus from Beijing to discuss what role green issues will play in next month's FOCAC summit.

Join the discussion. Do you think African and Chinese leaders are right to emphasize economic and political issues more than environmental topics? Let us know what you think.


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