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Mar 8, 2019

While there are a growing number of books that explore the China-Africa relationship, most are written either by scholars or journalists who are experts in the field and are written in a style that is often inaccessible for people new to this subject.

Beijing-based author and social entrepreneur Lina Getachew Ayenew saw this as the perfect opportunity to write a China-Africa book "for everyone else." She was well-positioned to do so given that she had spent years producing weekly easy-to-understand summaries of China-Africa news and events for clients in Beijing. So Lina pulled together five years of those digests as the source material for her a new book that chronicles China-Africa relations from the years 2014-2018.

Lina joins Eric & Cobus to discuss the book, The Complete Beginner's Guide to China-Africa Relations, and to share her views on some of the key "mega themes" that are shaping China-Africa relations today.

Join the discussion. What are your favorite China-Africa books that you would recommend? Let us know what you think.

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